Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my life as a spokie

so i told myself i would never give in and create a blog, but here i am.. a blogger. thanks to the convincing of my friend layne, i decided that i would create a blog as she has. only, she is in montenegro (serbia) playing professional volleyball and i am here, stuck in spokane, washington. 

laynie and i at our infamous vagina monologue protest.
it's weird. i told myself repeatedly, that after i graduated, i would be out of here, never to return back to the logan neighborhood again. but here i am.. living with my boyfriend collin and holding 2 part-time jobs (one in the medical research industry and the other with the athletic department at gonzaga), both in which have nothing to do with my majors. perfect. 

this is my pride & joy.. colly.
anywho, my life is in no way interesting at the moment, but i figured why not, why not create a blog. someone will want to read about my life. so here it is. this if the life of christi.. the has-been athlete, gonzaga graduate who is living in spokane, trying to make a living... in the meantime that is.