Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my handmade obsessions...

I am pretty much obsessed with these 2 websites right now:

http://www.etsy.com/  *great for random gifts.

http://stilldottie.blogspot.com/search/label/craft   *great for tutorials. 

colly + crissy = l.o.v.e.

I am sooooo excited because this week, Friday, September 17th, marks Collin and I's 1 and a half year anniversary! Although we have officially been dating since December 2008, Collin and I became a couple on March 17, 2009. Long story short.. Collin and I kept our "dating" a secret for a really long time. 

Sadly, Collin will not be here on the 17th due to soccer travels, so we decided, lets celebrate our love earlier rather than later. So, tonight and tomorrow are our celebration nights (being that we are both so busy until about 5 o'clock everyday, the night is the only time slot that really works). Collin is cooking my favorite meal for me tonight, Mandarin & Brown Sugar Pork Chops with garlic, creamy mashed potatoes. Yum!!! So tonight is his night. Then, tomorrow, I have decided to do something really fun and random, but something I know Collin will LOVE... I am taking Collin to "Color Me Mine": the paint your own pottery studio (http://www.colormemine.com/). They have hundreds of pottery to choose from: bowls, plates, sculptures, etc. You paint it either free-hand or they have art staff nearby with stencils to help you create your perfect piece. Then, they glaze it so its able for use and it looks shiny and amazing. 

Next week, when Collin gets back, we will do a gift exchange. We usually never do gifts because it is so materialistic and both of us would rather just be in each other's company than spend money on a gift, but this time, we felt, we both deserved a little something extra special for all of the hard work we have been doing this past year. We have come so far both as a couple and as individuals so we figured it is well-earned.  

I love Collin John Harrison with all my heart. He is my best friend. My rock. My soccer star. And the greatest boyfriend EVER. He loves me for me. Through thick and thin. And I would not trade him for the world. I really feel that we will be together, yes I am going to say it, f.o.r.e.v.e.r. He has the greatest and biggest heart anyone could possibly have and I am glad he is mine.

Monday, September 13, 2010

what has my life become... without soccer?

So it is official... I am officially a "non-student-athlete" and I do not like it one bit. Now that my weekends are completely free, I am able to watch every Gonzaga women's soccer game (and the men, when they are home). The girls had 2 games this past weekend. And for some reason, it seemed to really have hit me... I no longer am able to play competitive soccer anymore. 
I am not sure what it was about this past weekend that made me so envious of the girls who are still able to play, but I was definitely, dare I say it, JEALOUS. It is true what they say... college goes by so fast. It seemed like my 4 years of playing collegiate soccer was really like 4 months. I loved every second of playing. It was always the best part of my day... to get out on our beautiful practice field and just play. No school. No job to worry about. Just me and the green. And now, it has all been taken away from me...

So what is the next step? An indoor league or a measly adult league... but nothing is the same as playing in college, competitively. I miss soccer so much. And to make it worse, I have been talking with a doctor and a neuro-psychologist about my concussion issues. My brain has been virtually destroyed from all the "heading" I have done in my 18 years of playing soccer. Yes, I said it, 18 years. I have been playing since I was 4 years old. And now, my passion for the game could really be done due to brain injuries. And that.. well, sucks.

I cannot thank my Gonzaga family enough for all of the good times I had playing. I will miss ALL of my team mates because they meant the world to me. I loved those girls. And I have never regretted my decision to attend GU.. seriously, the best experience of my life.. thus far.   

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cat Tales & Manito Park.. Spokane's finest.

So now that I am completely free on the weekends, I have actually had the time to get out and explore what Spokane has to offer. This weeks endeavors, Cat Tales and Manito Park.

Cat Tales was not just your average zoo. It was only, you guessed it, CATS! It was super sad to see them locked up behind a cage, held in captivity, but this zoo was more like a refuge. They were saving the animals. At least that is what the guides say...

Colly and I called this the "Rasta Lion".. it had dreads!
Up next, Manito Park! First stop... the Japanese Garden. This place was beautiful! There were Coy fish all in the pond.. like 5, and the trees were beginning to look like Fall. I love the Fall season in Spokane.. possibly my favorite season here. 

Following the Japanese Garden, Collin and I walked the trail to the Rose/Floral Garden. I could not believe stuff like this actually existed in Spokane. Even further, I could not believe that this was my 5th year here and this was my first time seeing the garden! Here are a few pictures (which do not do the flowers any justice) of some flowers that I absolutely adored.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

light-ice kicker or milky-way freeze?

Mmm!!! Dutch Brothers. Pure deliciousness. California really needs to catch on! Yes Starbucks is amazing as well, but nothing beats the brewing of D. Bros. Plus, it's less of a franchise than Starbucks. I despise supporting powerful corporations.

Although indulging is not the same because my coffee drinking partner Laynie is not here.. I still enjoy it nonetheless. 

Pros: Delish. Friendly staff. Speedy service for the girl on the go.
Cons: Bad tummy aches thereafter. 
Website: http://www.dutchbros.com/Home  (cute apparel too!)

All in all, if you have not tried it... for those of you in Cali.. get your self to Woodland (I am pretty sure that is the closest one, perhaps Auburn is closer, depending on where you are coming from). You will not regret it. Well. Perhaps you will a couple hours later when the sweetness kicks into your belly.

For now: Light-ice Kicker.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

so this is life as a college graduate

So, I basically moved back to Spokane for my boyfriend, as you all may know, in hopes of finding a job and learning some true independence. I say "true" because my parents will not be paying for my food, rent, gas, utility bills, cable, internet, etc. Luckily, with a little help and networking, I wound up with 2 jobs. Random jobs at that. 

The first job is working as the administrative assistant at the Institute for Systems Medicine (ISM). This not-for-profit organization is pretty interesting and is doing great things for the Inland Northwest, specifically, Spokane community. ISM's mission is to develop, grow, and support biomedical research activities in the greater Spokane area by examining and improving health outcomes of patients treated within the biomedical market. First, I had to take a class learning how to research and work with clinical data. ROUGH. I have never felt so intimidated. The medical world is so much different than that of Sociology or Criminal Justice. I am slowly learning and hope to be a great addition to the organization. Who would have thought that my OCD and perfectionist ways would actually come in handy...

My second job, well, I should not really call it a job because I have so much fun with it, is working with the athletic department as a humanities tutor/life-skills assistant. Basically, I work with the freshmen class making sure they are keeping up on their academics, their sport, and their social life--my specialty. Athletes do not realize, you can study hard and get good grades and still have fun. It is possible to do both. It is all a matter of time management! I also have the opportunity to help work and supervise volunteer activities with non-profits such as: Boys & Girls Club and Spokane's homeless shelter--the Union Gospel Mission (UGM). There is nothing I love more than to light up a person's day with a little extra help!

So this is where I am at. 2 part-time jobs. Trying to make a living in Spokane. All on my own. It is scary, stressful, and frustrating at times, but something about independence feels amazing. Let alone, I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world who stands by my side, every step of the way. 

"you may not see it now, but you girls will be best friends when you are older..." -mom.

Ah. The words of my mom every time my sister and I got in a fight when we were little (and let me tell you, fights happened often). I have to hand it to my mom, she was absolutely right...
my sister. my best friend. my world.
Moving away from home and attending college in a different state really helped me grow up. My sister is my bestest friend in the entire world and I am so lucky to be able to say that about a family member. Jenna is THE greatest sister and I would not trade her for the world. She means everything to me and I would do anything for her. I miss her terribly and cannot wait to move back home this December and spend every waking hour with her!! All of my hard-earned money that I have been trying to save for traveling might need to be put in a savings account... that I can't access.