Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Go Stud Yourself.

It's no secret that studs are IN. I don't know about you, but I most certainly do not have the money to drop on a jacket/blouse/backfannypack/shorts/etc. that has an added $50 to the price because it has precious studs on it. Why these items are so expensive due to studs, I'll never know. It's not like they are freakin' diamonds. 

Recently, I found the perfect item to try and stud up... a military-style jacket. I haven't exactly thought about where I would like to stud on the jacket, but at least I have an item worth trying to stud on. And if I mess up, hey... it's too dark/camo-ey to even notice a difference if I pulled the studs out.

For beginners, try and find something in your closet that you never wear anymore and see if you can add a lil' somethin-somethin to it by studding the shit out of it! In my case,  that "something" would be an item balled up on my closet floor. Studding an item you never wear may just make it something you will LOVE to wear!

What you will need:

 {Item of your choice to stud}

 {Studs.. there are all types of studs.. it just kind of depends on the look you're going for}

Directions are as easy as...

1. Start by figuring out what pattern you want. Line up the stud and punch the spikes through.

2. Once you've done this, you will need something hard to press down the spikes. I used the end of tweezers. Push the spikes up into the back of the stud. This will prevent you from getting scratched while wearing your studded piece.

3. Once the stud is pressed down, the inside of the stud should look like a little 3-prong triangle or a 4-prong square, depending on which type of stud you are using. If you are using screw-on studs, use a sharp knife or scissors to poke a hole through the desired spot, stick the screw through, tighten the stud, and voila! And that is it! It's as easy as that!  Now, go crazy people.

Here are some photos to get you started on your studding project! 

Photos taken from various sources

Monday, November 19, 2012

Socks or Sans Socks?

When it comes to one's outfit, socks usually play an insignificant role. 
This blog post is all about making your socks the star of your next outfit! 

Fall has finally arrived and it gets me so pumped because I can finally bust out my cute socks again. This time of year is special because while it is cold enough to wear socks everyday, it is still warm enough to show a pair of socks off against bare legs.

Below, I have posted some inspirational photos that feature how to wear both ankle socks, mid-calf socks, and tall socks with all types of shoes! 

 So, to answer my own question.. never sans socks from your outfit. 
Your socks need love too!

 Images gathered from We Heart It

Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Wishlist: Sweaters

Hello friends! So I know I usually post my "five things" that are making me happy throughout the week, but since Christmas is coming up, I thought I would post wishlist's.. just in case you still need ideas for the holidays (either for yourself or to buy me.. DUH!). Every Friday, I will compile a wishlist of 5 things for a specific category.. this week's category.. SWEATERS, my fave fall essential.  These are 5 sweaters that I die to add to my closet. Enjoy!

Christmas Wishlist: Sweaters
1. Once A Cheetah Knit, found here 
2. Bottom Line Tee (to me this is a sweater), found here 
3.   Freddy Krueger Cross Knit, found here
4. Sydney Knit, found here 
5. Shocker Knit Cardi, found here 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Market HQ: we sell cool shit.

Okay.. so I have a confession. I am practically obsessed with Market HQ (MHQ), an online shopping website I recently stumbled across. Although located in Australia, it's pretty easy (for me at least) to spend $150 and get free international shipping. And what else...? Their motto "We Sell Cool Shit" is freakin' bad to the bone.

Here are some of my fave looks from MHQ's new collection release "Distraction & Euphoria" ... destroy your bank account shop here !!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WILDFOX Resort 2012 Lookbook: Granny's House

It's no secret that Wildfox is my favorite place to shop. Something about those perfectly over-sized tee's.. they get me every time!

Today's blog post features Wildfox's new lookbook: Granny's Closet. Wildfox's inspiration behind the collection is stated oh so perfectly... 

"This collection is a tribute to granny and her perfectly mismatched style, her love of cats, jewels, travels and gardening, her hair that she never cuts, the old mansion she bought in the 90’s with the last of her savings, her big glasses she always wears to brunch, and that grandma spirit we all know and adore."

I just think this collection is freakin' rad and I cannot wait to add some all of it to my Christmas wish list! 

Photos via Wildfox .. shop entire collection here

Friday, November 9, 2012

five things friday - 11.9.12

five things friday - 11.9.12

{5 things currently making me happy this week}

1. Knotted ear warmer
2. Led Zeppelin t-shirt
3. Red denim
4. Black nail polish
5. Trip to San Diego in December

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday's Trend Alert: Camo.

Not in a million years did I think I would be blogging about a trend alert consisting of.. gulp.. camoflauge! But yes... it's happening right here and now and to be honest, I'm kinda diggin it. For a little fashion inspiration, here are some photos of how to rock this look. Try it out!

Photos taken from various sources
I do not own the rights to them