Friday, October 15, 2010

life decisions...

Lately I have been faced with some challenges that will really set the course for the rest of my, hopefully long life to come...

1) Collin and I will be parting ways soon, for how long? No one knows, but all I do know is it is going to test my strength.

2) I have been offered a full-time job as the Project Coordinator for the Institute for Systems Medicine in Spokane, WA. Nice to know that I am actually making an employer and the staff happy enough to want to extend my contract.

3) I want to travel, but do not have sufficient funds to get me to Europe. People (to be specific, certain soccer alumni that came and visited last weekend) keep telling me to just GO now while I still can because I will regret it later in my life if I wait. Should I take out a loan? Should I just use the little money I have and see where life takes me, living day to day? Should I try to get a job teaching English abroad? Tough decisions.

4) Finding a job back home as been tough. Within these next couple of months, I will start sending my resume (and cover letter if I ever get to writing one) to employers. Hopefully something catches their eye now that I have great experience FINALLY. I fear not being able to get a job back in Sacramento. What my ideal scenario would be is to be able to find an amazing job in Southern California or something. I would even take Santa Cruz area, or San Francisco. All I know is I want to live on the water, and be able to live the REAL city life. 

Who knows where life will take me... I guess that is the fun of it though... Not knowing.

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