Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Sparkly Apricot Nails

Just because the Summer is over, doesn't mean you have to put away your favorite Summer nail polish colors! Emily from her blog Cupcakes and Cashmere has perfected this fun manicure. I love the different nail color on the ring finger.. adds that bit of funkyness that I love. I cannot wait to try the one featured in today's DIY. 

What you'll need:

What to do:

{Paint two coats of polish, with the exception of your ring finger}

{Apply clear polish to ring finger and sprinkle with loose glitter}

{Shake off excess by tapping the tip of your finger on a hard surface}

{Try out different designs with the pen, like two colored halves}

{…or a pink-colored moon}

{…or little stripes on your pinky}

{Final result}

Here are some more variations:

Perfect manicure to get creative with!! Enjoy! And have fun with it!

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