Tuesday, May 31, 2011

best weekend of my life! (thus far)

Sasquatch 2011 was no let-down! I had the best time ever and I will never forget the time that I had! I made some amazing memories with my girls Kelly and Kelli.

A quick update: I took disposable cameras (as mentioned in my sasquatch survival guide) and will be taking them to Walgreen's, TODAY, to get developed. Be on the lookout for a blog post consisting of amazing pictures of the featured artists and me and my girls!

I want to give ya'll a list of bands (in no particular order) that I absolutely raged too this weekend.. so damn stellar. 

Sleigh Bells
Be prepared for this group. Get ready to rock out and fist pump to the loudest music you will ever hear and the strongest bass... incredible.

DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid 
One word: Bollywood. While mixing Punjabi beats, DJ Anjali teaches the crowd some amazing indian dancing moves. Loved every second of it.

My absolute favorite performance of the weekend! Loud bass and head bangin. At the bass drop in every song, the crowd would throw thousands of glow sticks in the air! Crowd surfing, just one hell of a time.

 Beach House
Another one of my favorites. More laid back, but Victoria (lead singer) has the most amazing voice ever. Great instrumentals with this band.

 The Glitch Mob
One pleasant surprise! More dub-step madness. These 3 guys rocked it out. 

 Gold Panda
Another pleasant surprise. Didn't know what to expect. More club beats. Awesome.

 Local Natives
The first group we saw during the festival. Amazingness. Mellow indie. Nothing better.

Pronounced "master-kraft" ... this group is bomb. More club music! One of my favesies. They went 30 mins. past their scheduled time. They don't mess around!!

This is the group that ended my Sasquatch experience. One of my favorite artists. These guys are awesome. The beats are so sick. So pumped I got to see them live! They came back out with an encore performance to "Seventeen Years" ... my favorite Ratatat song. 

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