Friday, May 27, 2011

sasquatch music festival survival guide!

Memorial Day weekend has finally arrived and I could not be happier!

Artists that I am beyond stoked to see include: Ratatat, Beach House, Bassnectar, Local Native, Yeasayer, Robyn, Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, Mstrkrft, Death Cab For Cutie, The Glitch Mob, Matt & Kim, Iron & Wine, Sleigh Bells, Fitz & The Tantrums, and Tokyo Police Club.. talk about star struck! There are over 50 bands that will be at this 4-day festival!

To prepare all you fellow Sasquatch attendees, is this survival guide. This survival guide most likely applies to any and all other Summer music festivals.

Survival Guide:

1. Hydrate! Drink a lot of water. I am planning on bringing those gallon jugs.. probably about 2-3 of them.

2. BYOF (Bring Your Own Food). At festivals such as Sasquatch, vendors realize they can charge whatever they want for eats being that you are about 40 miles away from everything. Bring your own food (granola bars, pb&j's, fruit, chips & salsa, etc.) to avoid spending way too much money and to also save time by not having to stand in the long concession stand lines! And come on people, you already forked out enough money for the festival passes, why bother wasting more money on food?

3. Dress Comfortably! Face it, you are going to be dancing your ass off and wearing heels (ladies) is probably the worst idea at this point. Also girls, don't wear your nicest clothing. You can still dress to impress by wearing converse and a hipster outfit.. after all, you are at an indie music festival! This is your time to do something different and wear that hippie outfit you have been dying to show off!

4. Disposable Cameras. Pictures are an important thing to take at any event! You want to cherish those memories! But, don't bring your expensive Nikon or Canon SLR digital camera. It will most likely get stolen and you will feel like a fool for even thinking that you could hold onto it for the entire weekend. Disposable cameras are cheap and you can get your pictures put on a CD to be uploaded to your computer! Digital problem solved!

5. Check Weather Forecast. Look at the forecast! Even if it says it is going to be warm and sunny, bring a light rain coat just in case! You'll be happy you did. If it says it is going to be rainy and cold, bring clothes that are suitable for both light and frigid cold weather. It's always good to be over-prepared than under!

6. Hygiene! Bring your own toilet paper (trust me, portables run out quickly) and baby wipes. Wipes are amazing to give your skin a quick wipe down after a day's worth of partying. Ladies, bring makeup wipes, these are amazing!!! Also, hand sanitizer is a must. You don't want to be using your hands to eat food when you have been around thousands of people. 

7. Bring Cash. Although you should not be wasting money on food there will be vendors selling lots of cool and random things. You always want to carry a little cash on you (don't bring huge bills) so that you do not have to get cash out of an ATM machine.. trust me, the lines for these machines will be a disaster. 

8. Wear A Watch. This is crucial! Wearing a watch will help you figure out when the next band you want to see comes on next. Also, bring the stage schedule so that you know where and when each band plays!

9. Wander Around! Socializing and meeting new people is all the fun! But girls, be aware of those dirty men looking to scheme on girls when you have had one too many to drink. Always stick to the buddy system!!!

10. Take Naps. Your days will be long and if it turns out to be warm, you will be exhausted. Find out which bands you are not too pumped to see and take a nap during those lineups! You will want to stay up for the late night shows!!

Well, off to the land of George, Washington to camp out at the Gorge! I cannot be more pumped for this and I have waited months (since I bought my tickets) for this day to come! I will be blogging early next week of my Sasquatch shenanigans! Peace!

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