Thursday, October 11, 2012


Every girl has the LBD (little black dress for those of you who aren't down with the acronyms) and wants to wear that dress all.the.time. But, for those girls who live in a less fashionable city such as Sacramento, California, getting dressed up calls for a special event. Well ladies, have no fear, from her blog Spin Dizzy Fall, Emm has provided perfect editorials of how to wear a simple LBD, 4 ways. Feast your eyes on this babe.

First, it all starts out with a black dress...

[1]  Dress it down with a denim button up or your favorite fur

[2] My favorite wear to wear a dress, throw on a flannel over it

[3] Wear your dress over a white t-shirt 

[4] Convert your dress into a skirt by wearing a chunky sweater or knit over it

I hope I have inspired you ladies with this post! So try it out and show off those lush legs of yours! Be careful though, it's addicting! You'll never want to throw on a pair of tight jeans again. 

Photos via Spin Dizzy Fall


  1. love this post! by the way-gorgeous blog!
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    1. Hi there! Thanks so much! I will for sure check your blog out! Love new followers!