Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY Wednesday: Halloween Edition!

This week's DIY is featuring an idea off of Free People's Blog: Pumpkin Candles! This do-it-yourself is extremely fitting given the upcoming holiday of Halloween! Not only are these pumpkin candles perfect for Halloween, but the pumpkin spirit lingers all the way through the Fall season and these candles will provide as excellent tabletop decor for any Thanksgiving table. And the great thing about the Fall season?  ... These mini pumpkins can be found at nearly any grocery store for the next few months! How convenient, right?

What You'll Need:
-A small pumpkin (or several)
-Sharp knife
-Candle wicks
-Scented oil (optional)


1. Start by cutting the top off of the pumpkin – you can cut a small hole around the stem, or slice the whole top portion off, it’s up to you.

2. Next use a spoon to remove the insides of the pumpkin (save the seeds to roast later!). Make sure to get the inside of the pumpkin as clean as possible.

 3. Place a wick inside the pumpkin. If you want, you can put a dab of glue to hold it in place, but I just dug the metal ring into the bottom of the pumpkin and it stayed put – plus, once you pour in the wax, the wick won’t go anywhere. 

 4. Now it’s time to melt your wax. You can use a sauce pan on medium heat, or a double boiling method – boil water in one pot, and heat the wax in a smaller sauce pan placed over the pot. If you’d like, you can add in a few drops of scented oil like vanilla or cinnamon! I used cinnamon and it smells amazing. Once the wax is melted, pour directly into your pumpkin.  

*Hint for the impatient kind like myself: If you want it to cool quickly, stick the pumpkins in the fridge (the wax hardens in less than an hour), or just let them sit overnight.  

 **Your pumpkin candles are now ready to be lit!** 

ENJOY and Happy Halloween everyone!
Also, keep in mind... Day of the Dead is slowly approaching! 
Stay tuned for Day of the Dead inspired posts!

Photos courtesy of Free People

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