Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Wishlist: Sweaters

Hello friends! So I know I usually post my "five things" that are making me happy throughout the week, but since Christmas is coming up, I thought I would post wishlist's.. just in case you still need ideas for the holidays (either for yourself or to buy me.. DUH!). Every Friday, I will compile a wishlist of 5 things for a specific category.. this week's category.. SWEATERS, my fave fall essential.  These are 5 sweaters that I die to add to my closet. Enjoy!

Christmas Wishlist: Sweaters
1. Once A Cheetah Knit, found here 
2. Bottom Line Tee (to me this is a sweater), found here 
3.   Freddy Krueger Cross Knit, found here
4. Sydney Knit, found here 
5. Shocker Knit Cardi, found here 

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