Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WILDFOX Resort 2012 Lookbook: Granny's House

It's no secret that Wildfox is my favorite place to shop. Something about those perfectly over-sized tee's.. they get me every time!

Today's blog post features Wildfox's new lookbook: Granny's Closet. Wildfox's inspiration behind the collection is stated oh so perfectly... 

"This collection is a tribute to granny and her perfectly mismatched style, her love of cats, jewels, travels and gardening, her hair that she never cuts, the old mansion she bought in the 90’s with the last of her savings, her big glasses she always wears to brunch, and that grandma spirit we all know and adore."

I just think this collection is freakin' rad and I cannot wait to add some all of it to my Christmas wish list! 

Photos via Wildfox .. shop entire collection here

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