Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cat Tales & Manito Park.. Spokane's finest.

So now that I am completely free on the weekends, I have actually had the time to get out and explore what Spokane has to offer. This weeks endeavors, Cat Tales and Manito Park.

Cat Tales was not just your average zoo. It was only, you guessed it, CATS! It was super sad to see them locked up behind a cage, held in captivity, but this zoo was more like a refuge. They were saving the animals. At least that is what the guides say...

Colly and I called this the "Rasta Lion".. it had dreads!
Up next, Manito Park! First stop... the Japanese Garden. This place was beautiful! There were Coy fish all in the pond.. like 5, and the trees were beginning to look like Fall. I love the Fall season in Spokane.. possibly my favorite season here. 

Following the Japanese Garden, Collin and I walked the trail to the Rose/Floral Garden. I could not believe stuff like this actually existed in Spokane. Even further, I could not believe that this was my 5th year here and this was my first time seeing the garden! Here are a few pictures (which do not do the flowers any justice) of some flowers that I absolutely adored.

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