Thursday, September 2, 2010

light-ice kicker or milky-way freeze?

Mmm!!! Dutch Brothers. Pure deliciousness. California really needs to catch on! Yes Starbucks is amazing as well, but nothing beats the brewing of D. Bros. Plus, it's less of a franchise than Starbucks. I despise supporting powerful corporations.

Although indulging is not the same because my coffee drinking partner Laynie is not here.. I still enjoy it nonetheless. 

Pros: Delish. Friendly staff. Speedy service for the girl on the go.
Cons: Bad tummy aches thereafter. 
Website:  (cute apparel too!)

All in all, if you have not tried it... for those of you in Cali.. get your self to Woodland (I am pretty sure that is the closest one, perhaps Auburn is closer, depending on where you are coming from). You will not regret it. Well. Perhaps you will a couple hours later when the sweetness kicks into your belly.

For now: Light-ice Kicker.



  1. i have yet to try this place you speak of.

  2. well perhaps when you come up and visit you can!!! :) or we can make the commitment and drive to do it when i am back in sac-teezy.