Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"you may not see it now, but you girls will be best friends when you are older..." -mom.

Ah. The words of my mom every time my sister and I got in a fight when we were little (and let me tell you, fights happened often). I have to hand it to my mom, she was absolutely right...
my sister. my best friend. my world.
Moving away from home and attending college in a different state really helped me grow up. My sister is my bestest friend in the entire world and I am so lucky to be able to say that about a family member. Jenna is THE greatest sister and I would not trade her for the world. She means everything to me and I would do anything for her. I miss her terribly and cannot wait to move back home this December and spend every waking hour with her!! All of my hard-earned money that I have been trying to save for traveling might need to be put in a savings account... that I can't access.


  1. This is probably the cutest thing i've read! :) Way too gooo sisters!!!

    Yeah Growining up.. you two fought all the time.. especially on the Holidays at the D'Agostino house haha. I am so glad you two are best friends now! (warms my heart hehe)

    You two are def. blessed to have eachother.. hold on and cherish the relationship you have because its hard to come by...

    LOVE LOVE that picture of you two girls... you both look sooooooooooooo pretty!

    Love ya
    - Jess

    P.S. i believe i am the only one who is leaving you comments... come on people!

  2. that almost, ALMOST, made me cry. I really couldnt ask for a better sister than you. So lucky!

  3. Almost? Listen betch. YOU CRY! :) And thanks Jess. Keep leaving comments! I love reading them! Brightens my day girl!

  4. This is Mommy (not Jenna)... Wow! Christi... are you finally admitting that "mom" was actually right about something? HaHa. I miss you BIG bunches. Love you tons!