Thursday, June 9, 2011

sasquatch revealed!

As promised, I would post up some pictures of Sasquatch. After days of laziness, I finally saved a few to show the world! Don't worry, I left the super inappropriate pictures off. And by inappropriate, I mean, the greasy ones. It was pretty hot the first day, sweating profusely. Be warned, there were no showers and it was windy as hell... An additional note, if you're wondering why I am wearing my Barcelona jersey, it's because they played in the Champion's League final that day... if you didn't know (be ashamed of yourself) Barca killed Manchester United.. only made the day that much better.

 {the gang.. the kell bell's}

{gorge.. insane}

 {the flaming lips.. yes the lead singer is in the bubble}

 {beach house}

 {bassnectar.. glowpocalypse}

 {dj anjali & the incredible kid.. punjabi beats!}

 {local natives.. the first band we saw at sasquatch}

 {view of one side of the gorge}

 {elliot with the girls! i believe this was during flogging molly}

 {bassnectar family photo}

{flaming lips teletubbie nation}

{gold panda}


{world's biggest shower?}

Alas, a video of the Bassnectar Glowpocalypse!! Best part of Sasquatch...

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