Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bar Review: A Club & Monteray Cafe

sunday night: Also known as "Sunday Funday"... this is a great night to go out for a night of fun. Lets first start with "A Club" ... located next to "Chicken n Mo" ... you know this is a great place to be! The A Club is all about class, made up of a ballroom, a pool room and a smaller space where live jazz is performed on Wednesdays, and DJ's performing nightly. The A Club also features our favorite classy old man DJ (who informed us that he had just been through a gruesome divorce) ... "DJ Loves Girls" ... how can you go wrong with a stage name like that? 

Moving on to my favorite Sunday night hangout spot.. "Monteray Cafe" ... It’s a piece of So Cal right in downtown, with the requisite beach decor: surfboards, fishing nets and shells hanging from the walls and ceiling, plus a thatch-hut bar. The location’s perfect — right around the corner from several Sprague Avenue bars (so it must be classy) — and besides drinks, you can pick up a late-night slice of pizza! Not to mention the pizza, but Sunday includes a whole night of karaoke! As I mentioned in a previous blog (my bar review on the MarQuee Lounge) the DJ hates my friends and I. So, what do we do? Sing louder than the rest and steal the show.. THAT'S HOW WE ROLL! Monteray Cafe is always a good wholesome time to just kick back and sing some tunes. Here is a snapshot of half of the cafe...
If you are looking for a good Sunday night out on the town, Monteray Cafe will never let you down. And come on, you never need an excuse to have a drink and belt out classic songs!

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