Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mary Lou's Milk Bottle

Ladies and Gents... I have done it! My dream of eating at the Milk Bottle has been fulfilled! Located in the Garland District, the Milk Bottle sure is a local favorite. The food is made fresh (even the hamburger buns) and the shakes are to die for (made with real hard ice cream). 
This joint is tiny so be prepared to sit close to other people. BUT, the closeness is so worth it because the food is amazing. If you love diner food, this is the place to eat!


  1. you had NEVER been here?! i'm disappointed. but at least now you have. they have the best grilled cheeses in the world. then add fries and shake. HEAVEN

  2. you should have known this!!!!! i had a burger.. delish! i will have to try the grilled cheese next time! their tomato cream soup is to die for too!