Friday, February 11, 2011

Bar Review: The Riff

thursday night: Last night, myself as well as some friends (Kelly and Cailin) decided to go out for a drink after our much needed reality TV dose of "Jersey Shore"!! 
This is... DUN DUN DUN.. "The Riff" ... a bite-sized east-end bar that is too small to share private gossip, but a great place to throw down a few after-work brews, especially on the enclosed, heated porch. The size of the bar is quite possibly the size of a dorm room.. filled with homeless people, old creepy men, and a couple of students every now and then. To be quite honest, I loved it. Although it seems dingy on the outside (sketchy on the inside), I believe this could be a future hang out spot for students. It is small and a great little bar to just kick back and enjoy their unbelievable happy hour. Luckily, Thursday is all day happy hour, with $1 draft beers and $2 wells.. incredible. My friends and I indulged in, of course, the group fave, Cranberry Vodka, and discussed politics.. PSH, ya right.. gossiped, of course, about everything from "why do men tan" to "our love for Gonzaga".. all in all, it was a great time.. minus the creepy old alcoholic men and the women with no teeth.  

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