Friday, February 11, 2011


Thanks to Layne Brosky (shout out!), and some other family members of mine, I have realized that this blog I created has not been updated for quite some time! I have been the ultimate slacker and a horrible person for not keeping those I love updated on my life. So, I have set a goal... to update my blog AT LEAST twice a week, if not more. 

I have had some ideas that will hopefully keep this goal of mine honest...

I have currently made an amazing friend here in Spokane, Kelly Brauch. We are seriously 2 peas in a pod. The thing is, we graduated together, we had obviously seen each other out before (specifically giving people wedgies at the senior event "Around the World"), but we had never actually, "hung out", so to speak. She is originally from Montana and stuck around in Spokane for the love of the city and more school (she's trying to get into nursing school, how cool!). Long story short, I love this girl, and we have been going downtown and attending different bars for drinks. I had never experienced downtown Spokane, and I'll admit, I have fallen in love with the downtown nightlife. It is so eclectic and fun, not to mention the amazing happy hour appetizer/drink specials! So, I have decided to write/review about the bars that we go to. 

I have also decided to start a "Current Obsession" post, in which I will talk about my latest, current obsession, whether it be a product, a hobby, etc. 

And of course, I will continue to blog about the current things going in my life, i.e. the boyfriend (and his pro soccer dream endeavors), the job hunting, etc.

Until then my friends and family... peace and love. 


  1. peace and blessings, peace and blessings!! shout out to glozelle "my pushup bra will help me get my man" get on youtube if you havent seen it!!

  2. i havent! i will check this out asap! i wish there was a way to follow your comments on the blog. i never know if someone comments rather than look manually!