Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bar Review: MarQuee Lounge

friday night: MarQuee Lounge was the place to be... Kelly and I got VIP entrance, and got to go to the exclusive top floor lounge! This was nice because if we wanted to dance, we could go downstairs, but sometimes its nice to get away from it all and just chill. 
It's a pretty good time, but as  you can see, the picture only shows the bar area. There is a dance floor, lounging area, as well as a huge lounge area upstairs (under blue lighting). During the week, they have karaoke, which is SUPER fun, even though the DJ will NEVER let me or my friends sing... probably because they have heard our voices. Ha ha ha. The bartenders are fun and the music is great! All in all, great lounge!


  1. whooo!! two posts in such a short time. i am so proud of you!! also, i get really excited when i see BAR review. How about the next one is BAR REVIEW: BAR, MONTENEGRO.?!?!

  2. HAHA! You should do posts about this in Bar!! I am interested in the night life.. is there one?!