Friday, February 11, 2011

Colly's Visit to Spokane!

Possibly the most thoughtful thing that Collin has ever done was surprise me in Spokane with a visit this month! Being that Collin had finished up his last class/internship at Gonzaga, and his collegiate soccer career was over, he decided to move his things back to his hometown in Boulder, CO and pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a professional soccer player. As of lately, Collin has been invited to multiple combines (a fancy word for a tryout) all over the United States, from Southern California to South Carolina! It is basically a waiting game as of now to see if any of the coaches (USL, MSL) try to contact Coll. I'm sure it sucks for him (me as well!), but he will continue to train and work hard to achieve this dream of his...

Anywho, Coll had been planning a trip up to Spokane, flight booked and everything. Now, the waiting game began for me, as I was so excited to see him.. the anticipation was killing me! The day before Coll was supposed to arrive in Spokane, I am sitting at work in my office, and there is a knock at the door. It was a man who had also worked in the building and said that somebody was in the lobby asking for "Christi D'Agostino".. our building is secure so you have to have an electronic key to get pass the lobby, or use the lobby phone to call. I kind of got nervous.. I mean, 2 things were going through my head: 1) Was I in trouble? Was there a cop out there to question me? (Not that I am a trouble-maker, it was just a thought!), or 2) Crap. It is probably some marketer trying to sell his/her product to me. Either way.. good thoughts were not running through my head. 

As I walk out, I turn the corner, and there is my knight in shining armor, Collin Harrison, holding a rose and his luggage standing right before my eyes, with the biggest smile on his face. How cute is that, right?! It was like something from a movie. Me.. jumping into his arms as if he had been away for years, when really, it had not even been a month. Ha ha ha. It is just super hard.. when you have been living with someone for awhile, you get used to that someone always being there with you, and then taken away.. the adjustment was very hard on me, still is! 

And now, enough of this lovey dovey stuff.. the funny part about Coll's surprise visit to my office, was he had an old teammate, Erik (who we have taken under our wing and call our "son".. weird and random, I know.. but that is mine and Collin's personality) pick him up from the airport, and Collin just hung out at Erik's Gonzaga apartment until it was time to come surprise me for lunch. Erik had class, so Collin, being the adventurous man he is, decided to pick up his rose and luggage, and walk down Division St. (possibly the busiest one-way street in Spokane), which may I add, is about 2.5 miles away from where I work--no compaints! I just laughed when he arrived and told me this... I could just picture Coll, rolling his suitcase down Division, with a rose in hand.. HAHAHA).

To sum up his almost 2 week visit, some of the things we had done were: we went out a couple times (happy hours and spent time with his old teammates), visited the Spokane Humane Society to walk dogs and visit the kitties (this has kind of become our thing to do on the weekends in Spokane.. exciting, I know), attended a screening of the "Animated Shorts" at the Magic Lantern Theatre for the Spokane International Film Festival (spIFF), celebrated some birthdays, shared a couple homemade cooked meals with Icelandic friends (thank you Sola!), and just simply shared some good, quality time together, enjoying each other's company. 

Point blank. I love this man. And wish the best for him and hopefully, for his future in professional soccer! 

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