Thursday, April 21, 2011

Get this Spring Look! - Romantic Aesthetics

This year's Spring trend is effortless beauty. Makeup should consist of subtle washes of pink on the eyes, cheeks, and lips, with a gently tousled look for the hair. Below are some tips that Fashion Salade provides to achieve this season's look...

Step 1: Go Soft & DewyA fresh-faced look starts with a perfectly moisturized face, so get your skin glowing by restoring suppleness and radiance. Start by gently tapping Laura Mercier’s superhydrating ‘Flawless Skin’ Mega Moisturizer SPF 15 into your skin, making sure it’s fully absorbed. To help create that perfect canvas, next apply Smashbox’s beloved ‘Photo Finish’ Foundation Primer. This colorless primer fills in fine lines and pores and helps skin appear softer with a smooth velvet finish.

Step 2: Get Cheeky - Once your skin is primed, twist your hair up in a knot (you’ll see the results in Step 5!), and grab Chanel’s Vitalumière Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup. Using only the tiniest drop, gently apply this ultra-lightweight hybrid fluid to your skin with either a brush or your fingertips, making sure there are no tell-tale lines around the jawline. Finish off the glow by using Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Touche Éclat’ Radiant Touch highlighting pen to add a touch of light to the eye area, the hollow of the chin, the contour of the lips and the sides of the nose. Add a light brushing of Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush for an added flush.

Step 3: All Eyes On You - Your eyes are the focal point of this look so make sure your's pop. Use an intensely pigmented eyeshadow such as Estée Lauder’s ‘Pure Color’ to add vibrancy, and don’t be afraid to wing the shadow out beyond the corners of your eye. It’ll add some mystery and modernity to the look. Gently line the inside and inner corner of your eye with a shimmery white or light blue eyeliner (we swear by Lancome’s Le Stylo Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner) to really bring out the color, and then finish off the look with a subtle coat of mascara—this is not the time to break out the super-lush lashes— try Clinique’s High Lengths Mascara.

Step 4: A Kissable Pout - Your lips need some attention! Keep them natural and kissable with just a slight flush of color and shine. Lightly dab a soft pink pencil such as Nars’ Velvet Gloss into the lips, being sure not to go heavy-handed. Just a light burst of color is needed. Top it off with Dior’s straight-from-the-runway Addict Ultra-Gloss for an uber-shiny and shimmering effect.

Step 5: A Wave Of Hair - Now that your face is all sweet and sassy, create an effortless hairstyle will perfect the look. Take your hair out of the bun and it should have a touch of wave to it. Tame frizzy or rebellious hair by running some shine serum such as Kiehl’s Silk Groom through your locks, but be sure to use sparingly—too much and you’ll end up looking greasy. Finish it off with a quick burst of Fekkai’s Coiff Océanique Touseled Wave Spray to create that coveted wavy look. Voila! Now you’ve become that coveted fresh-faced girl.

Article & Photos taken from Fashion Salade

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